The Refabrication Process

(Year One, begun over the winter)

Albin Vega parts

It's one thing to tear apart something for destruction and a whole 'nother thing to dissemble something for eventual reconstruction.  Hammers and saws are fun; screwdrivers and wrenches are work.

Albin Vega parts

Up and down the ladder, up and down the ladder - how did all these parts possibly fit inside my little boat?!

Albin Vega interior before reconstruction

Maybe half of the pieces . . . funny how it doesn't seem like much until you dissemble it, remove it from the boat and start piling it up in a trailer . . .  

. . . and start laying them all out on a garage floor. This photo is of just the first little load.

Albin Vega

While I’m doing the grunt work, she’s just dreaming of tropical waters, dozing under the winter sun.

Albin Vega interior parts reconstruction

Sure, a couple of cuts, a little sanding, a little painting, just a couple of weekends . . . riiiiight.

Albin Vega interior parts reconstruction

Sand . . . prime . . . paint . . . flip them all over and . . . 
Sand . . . prime . . . paint . . .