Living aboard

Here a few glimpses of what life is like living aboard a small boat at a marina:

In the mud, heeled over

Sometimes the wind blows all the water out of the creek . . .

The wind blows out

And sometimes the wind blows all the water in . . .

Parfum de chaussures mouille

In the close confines of a small boat, during wet winter weather I like to achieve two things with one action: here I am both drying my shoes and filling the cabin air with parfum de chaussures mouille.

Spring cleaning

During spring cleaning, I found the same pair of shoes hidden behind things I don't move much.  Apparently I hadn't dried them out enough.  (You can click on the pic to "embiggen" it to see the wonderful varieties and shadings of mold!)

Just a summer evening at the marina . . . (This pic was taken by Zahn as she and John rowed by in their hard dink, just going for a little ride around the creek as they often did during that time of day.  Sometimes they'd "beg" for cookies.)