On the water and having fun!

It’s easy to take pictures that bring back sailing memories, but it is surprisingly hard to take sailing pictures that other people like to look at. On a boat, there are only so many perspectives to shoot from.

Albin Vega maiden voyage

If I remember correctly, this was Kala Nag heading out for her maiden voyage. There had been good wind all day, and it occurred to me that as soon as I did a few more things to the new rig, I COULD take her out. Of course, because The Gods love to toy with me, as we were heading out the good wind died. But we did get her under sail . . . even though we maxed at only 1 knot, dammit, she be sailin’!

Albin Vega Rhode River sunset

The sunset profile would be Chris.

These are my nephews, Monster Boy and Assistant Monster Boy, using the dink to go “jellyfishing”, their interest in the sport no doubt inspired by the escapades of Sponge Bob Squarepants.

Albin Vega South River

My buddy Bill at the helm, zig-zagging up the South River.

On the right, that’s my fellow boat re–builder Chris on the dock and me on my boat, and why, yes, I am sticking my tongue out at the photographer.

A July afternoon rainshower, an early evening swim, and lounging on foredeck, and . . .

. . . Suzanne exploring on my sit-on-top.