The Napist Flag

The Nap flag is flown to
(a)    let fellow Napists know that they are among others of their kind and creed, and
(b)    to let people in the immediate area that there is a “napper down!” 
The official shape was inspired by the Greek’s “Golden Rectangle”, which is a rectangle that can be divided into a perfect square and smaller rectangle (rotated 90 degrees to the original) with the same proportions as the original.  The ratio of the long side to the short side (1.61803398875 . . ., often rounded to 1.62) is called the Golden Ratio, and in mathematical sciences is termed Phi or tau.  This ratio has long been considered the most pleasing to the eye, so it should be no surprise that 1.618 very nearly approaches the famous Fibonacci sequence.  Discovered in the 13th century, the Fibonacci sequence is related to exponential growth and is found throughout nature (such as in the pattern of florets in a sunflower blossom, spiraling branch growth on a fern tree, the pattern of pine cone “petals”, et cetera.)  The monks of the Napist Monastery were aware of the cosmic coincidence of the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, so choosing the Golden Rectangle as the official shape of the Nap flag was only natural.  The choice was, one could say, as natural as a nap.
So, since the ratio of the side lengths is more important than the actual lengths, there is no official size.  As a guide, though, just remember that if the height is 10 inches, then the width should be 16.2 inches.
The colors – blue and white – have meaning, too.  The blue symbolizes a summer sky, a nod to days of yore when early civilization would retire from the noonday heat and their toil or play to rest in the shade, not hindered by any artificial schedules or man-made guilt, completely in tune with the energy rhythms of their own bodies and the rotation of the planet.  The white is not for pillowy clouds or the fleece of counted sheep, as some of our newer Napists believe; it is for the purity of the natural nap experience.
The shape of the white bands resembles the Anglo letter “Z”, which, again, some of our newer Napists believe represents the letter commonly used in onomatopoeic spelling of snoring (Zzzzz….).  Also, some say that the downward slash is reminiscent of SCUBA divers’ “Diver Down” flag (white on a red background.)  Archives clearly indicate that the “Z” shape was intended to represent an indirect joining of the top and the bottom; the higher, spiritual aspects of being human with our physical need of rest.  Truly appropriate and elegant, isn’t it?
P.S. Although you can make a Napist flag for your own use, you can not make the flag or any representation of it without prior approval of the Napist Monastery.  Yes, it is  trademarked, not to inhibit it's use as a proud expression of Napism but simply to keep funds coming to the Napist Monastery instead of some opportunistic soulless businessperson who might not even like to take naps!.  Thank you for understanding.