Nap Memes

These memes ("an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.") are floating all around the world wide web, so, (a) no, we didn't create them, and (b) no, copyright-wise, we're not stepping on anybody's toes (at least not intentionally). These are NOT included in the print version of the book, btw. If you come across a new one, send it to us!

Breaking News Nap Time
Meme nap cranky pants
Importance of Nap Time Graph
Leave me ALONE I'm taking my nap
Middle Aged Happy Hour is nap time
Morning Nap Afternoon Nap
Nap Attack
Nap Police
Quick Nap
Napping Soldiers
Simon says NAP
Took a nap today
Titty time
nap Wrath
nap Kid on store shelf
woo hoo nap time
Son of a bitch nap