FREE downloads

These are FREE, intended for your personal use (the Nap Flag is trademarked, y'know.)  Just right-click and then "save image as" to your computer.  You can put these in your Photos folder and set your Screensaver to display them randomly.
If you want to use them on Facebook, it's probably easier to go to the Facebook page "Napism.Info" and "share" them from there.
Have fun!

I nap, therefore I am.  Rene Descartes
That's one small nap for man, one giant nap for mankind. - Neil Armstrong
To be napping, or not to be napping, is that a question? William Shakespeare
The lady doth protest too much about my naps, methinks. William Shakespeare
I have not yet begun to nap. John Paul Jones
'Tis better to have napped and been awakened than never to have napped at all. Alfred Lord Tennyson