Frequently Asked Questions


– Lately my wife of 35 years has started to complain about my napping.  What should I do?

A – Get a new wife.


Q – When I nap, why do I wake up groggy and sometimes even more tired than before my nap?  Help me, please!

A– Oh, my!  Well, you get an “A” for effort, but apparently your technique is somewhat lacking.  Most probably, although you call it a nap, and you believe you’re napping, actually, my little grasshopper, you are going to sleep.  Here’s some advice and a great tip:

Remember: napping is not quite the same as sleeping, so:

1.      Do NOT take your shoes off.

2.      Do NOT extinguish all sources of sound, and maybe even turn the TV or radio on with the volume low.

3.      Do NOT turn the lights out.

4.      Do NOT – under any napping circumstance – get into your pajamas and under your bedcovers.

The tip?  DO drink a big glass of water before you lie down.  How much water?  Enough for your body to use internally to wake you up!  When your body awakens you, it will bring your brain through the different stages of sleep, if albeit at an accelerated rate at least the natural order.  Once you learn to nap, you will probably be able to dispense with the water trick.  No exaggeration, there are many experienced nappers who can tell themselves to wake up in 15, 20, 45 minutes, or at a specific time such as the 12.50, the end of lunch hour.

The key to napping well is the same as the key to doing anything else well: practice, practice, practice.


– How do I become a member of the Olympic Napping Team?  Or the National Nap Council, etc. ?

– Simply file your name with the Napist monks at the Napist Monastery.  Specify exactly how you want your name (or nickname) and under what title.  And yes, you may suggest a new title.  Your name will be added to the web listings (after the monks wake up from their naps), and you will be notified by email before it will be added to the next edition of the printed book version of Napism.Info.  At that time there will be a $10 fee (through PayPal) for . . . uh, shipping and handling!

Note: You can file your name, nickname, or the name of your favorite napper.  If you are filing another's name, be careful: not everyone is happy about having their name published, especially on the web.  When in doubt, DON'T; it's not worth damaging a friendship - it is supposed to be fun! (Btw, lawsuits are not fun.  If you put us in a hard place, guess what?  DON'T make this anything other than fun.)